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Aluminum, steel and copper are some of the materials that gutters and downspouts are made of. Aluminum gutters are the most common. Primary aluminum is the thickest and most consistent kind. Avoid secondary aluminum, a recycled product that's often plagued by inconsistent thickness. Metal gutters are made in sheet metal shops and require gutter specialists to install them.


Seamless gutters are the most popular type today. The biggest selling point is that they don’t have any seams which could potentially leak. The sections join only at inside and outside corners and at downspout outlets. Seamless gutters are usually formed from aluminum that has a baked-on finish, but they may be made from copper or factory-painted steel. They are made with a special machine that's brought to your home by a gutter contractor. These types of gutters can not be installed by do-it-yourselfers.

Shapes & Sizes:  U- and K-Shape 


Gutters come in several sizes and shapes called profiles. The most common are the U shape and the K shape. The more important choice is the sizing of the gutters and the downspout. Choices include 2x3-in or 3x4-in. rectangular shapes, as well as 3- or 4-in. round pipes. Metal gutters are also available in different sizes. The most popular is 5" gutter which is typically paired with 2x3-in. downspout. 4" gutter is more popular in areas where there is less rainfall. Occasionally you will see 6" gutter in markets where rainfall is particularly heavy.


So as to allow you to match house color or trim, there are more than 25 different colors to choose from when you buy sectional aluminum and steel gutters. Vinyl gutters usually only come in brown or white. Copper has a natural color and comes unfinished.  

Leaf Guards

Consider installing "leaf guards," which are screens that prevent debris from entering the gutter and direct the flow of water away from the house and into the ground.

Conductor Heads

Architectural appeal is the most common purpose for the use of Conductor Heads, also known as Collector, Leader, Scupper, Rainwater, and Gutter (heads or boxes). Although there are a number of functional purposes provided with their use. Click here to view conductor heads.